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The Armacost Museum

Terms and Conditions For Making

 the Most of Your Fundraising Event


I. Mission of The Armacost Museum , owned by Peterson Manufacturing Company, a Missouri corporation.


The primary purpose of The Armacost Museum (Museum or The Museum) is to provide assistance to charities within our community in reaching their financial objectives. This is accomplished by providing a unique and entertaining facility wherein charitable organizations can invite patrons, enter into agreements with caterers and entertainers, and stage a successful fundraising event.


We are proud of our museum and we are very pleased to share it with you and your organization.  The following Terms and Conditions will assist you in the planning of your event and set forth our expectations regarding use of our Museum.  Your main contact for scheduling and set-up at the Museum will be:


                                                     Brian Neher

Museum Events Coordinator

816 763-9683


II. Responsibility for Damages


Your group shall be held responsible for any and all damages and/or losses to the premises, its contents, or others during your event, which is caused by the group or any of the group's employees, agents, guests or other persons attending the function. The Museum does not assume responsibility for and is not liable for any damages to or losses of any merchandise, samples, equipment or any goods or personal property exhibited, displayed or left in the Museum prior to or following the function.


III. Liability and Children


The Museum will not be liable for any loss or damages to the patrons' or their guests' property left in the Museum prior to, during, or following a function. The patron assumes full responsibility for the conduct of all persons in attendance at the event and for any damage incurred by the Museum or persons as a result of the event. You, as the host or host organization, shall be held responsible for injuries to any of your guest or to the general public resulting from negligent action(s) by any person(s) connected with your function.


When you see our antique car collection and the fact that we have chosen not to enclose each automobile to restrict public access, you will appreciate why we ask you to limit invitations to adults only. Exceptions to this request must be cleared with the Museum Events Coordinator in advance.



IV. Food and Beverage Services


We do not provide catering services, however, we highly recommend:


                 Affordable Elegance                                            816-331-4528


Your caterer must use the building entrances (garage door and man-door) at the back, northwest corner of the building to unload and set-up and teardown.


There is a kitchen in the same area, which you can use.  However, it is only to be used as a warmer and staging area for meal set-up and clean up. It is not permitted to be used as a kitchen for preparing meals for events.  Food and beverages are restricted to the banquet area and are not allowed in the museum proper.


V. Bar Services


There is a large bar serving area for your use during your function. It has a storage area, icemaker, and refrigerator for overstocking your bar services.  Please restrict the area behind the bar (and in the storage area) to those who will be serving your guests.


VI. Parking

Parking is free and generally, there will be plenty of parking for your event in the lot immediately east of the main museum gate. This lot may appear full during the weekday as you set-up for your event. This is because it serves as parking for employees. Normally in the evenings, the lot will be devoid of employees' vehicles.  For large events, there is additional parking to the east of the Peterson building.  If you are having a large event and will need the additional parking in the east lot you may want to provide

a shuttle as well as an attendant at the museum drive entrance to direct traffic to the east lot.  Parking in the entrance drive and on the grass is strictly prohibited.


We are serious (and so is the fire department) about keeping the drive-up to the museum clear of parked cars. Those signs are there for a reason and we ask you and your patrons to honor the message on those signs. For your guests that are handicapped or otherwise find it difficult to walk from the parking lot, the drive-up can and should be used as a drop-off point.


Those involved with set-up for your event or those working the event (and unloading food) can drive to the back of the museum by using the driveway on the north side of the museum between the pond and the facility.


VII. Decorations


Decorations are your responsibility. For small events, the museum has a limited amount of table decorations that may be used.  You may decorate the room, in a tasteful manner, any way you wish.  Taping, pinning, or nailing to the walls or ceilings is strictly prohibited.  Any damage caused by any decorations will be your organization's responsibility.  Decorating is to be done during normal business hours (9:00AM-5:00 PM) under the following conditions:

If the room is available the day before the event, you may decorate between 9:00 AM-5:00 PM.

If the room is not available the day before the event, decorating will have to be done the day of the event. The room will be ready & available 2 hours prior to the start time of your event.

If your organization requires a special "decorating time" (not listed above), that will need to be worked out 2 weeks in advance.


VII. Setup and Cleanup

We are asking that you provide us with written details of your event at least 30 days before the date of your function.  The details are listed on the attached sheet.  The Museum Events Coordinator will contact you to discuss your requests.  We are asking you and your organization to be responsible for the "rough" cleanup. This means that we are expecting you to pickup the trash on the floors and tables at the close of your function. This would include napkins, disposable plates and disposable table clothes, and discarding table decorations that are no longer usable. This cleanup would also include removal of items you want to keep that are owned by your organization.  The Museum personnel will clean floors, vacuum, put away tables and chairs, and perform all the other detail work outside of the initial cleanup requested of your organization.


VII. Sound System and other Audio/Visual Needs


The Museum has an excellent public address system which will be available for your event as well as a podium from which to stage the Museum's microphone.  Any additional needs in terms of audio or visual presentation may be provided upon request.


VIII. Cancellation


We have a very simple and flexible cancellation policy that reflects our interest in working with our community. Simply put, we expect at least 30 days notice that you are cancelling or would like to change the date of your event.


IX. Acknowledgement


Your signature on this form constitutes acknowledgement that the foregoing conditions have been understood, and that you agree to comply with said conditions.


_____________________                              _______________________

Organization                                                  For The Armacost Museum


By: ___________________                           By: _____________________


Date: _________________                            Date: ___________________






Scheduled By:

Peterson Personnel Involved:


Event Scheduled:


Set-Up Date/Time:

Organization Name/Contact Person & Phone:

# of People Attending:

Will Food Be Served?      Y      N

Caterer Name & Number:

Will the caterers use our kitchen to warm food?         Y        N

Refrigerator and Freezer usage is ok.  Cooking is allowed in kitchen by permission only.

Will you be using the bar?      Y       N

Will you need:

Auction Tables?    Y     N               How Many? ___________   (12 available)

Buffet Tables?       Y     N               How Many? ___________  (3 available)

Registration Table?    Y      N         How Many? ___________  (2 available)

Check Out Table?      Y      N

Tablecloths and skirting provided on request for registration tables and check out table.  All other tablecloths and skirting must be provided by your organization.  Will you require?     Y     N


20 Dining Tables (5 additional tables available if needed)       How many will you need? ______________

· Tables seat 10 comfortably but can seat 12 if needed.

· Maximum seating is 250-300.

· You must provide your own tablecloths for 72" round tables

Dining, buffet and auction tables are set up in permanent positions and may not be moved without permission.

# of Chairs Needed:

# of Chairs per table:

Audio/Visual Needs:   Y    N


Miscellaneous Information:


Museum Rules:

·  No children under the age of 16 may attend an event.

·  Absolutely no candles (the only flame may be from sterno under buffet pans).

·  No tape on the walls, bar or floor.

·  No staples on/in anything.

Nothing is to be pushed up against any walls.

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